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From conception to manufacturing and finishing, JB Laser can help. Our staff has considerable technical and supply chain expertise and resources. This makes us a “one-stop shop” for your component, development and production ramping needs.

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Design for Manufacturability

With our Accelerated Prototyping service, you can make your ideas into real, marktable products. We can collaborate with you on your designs and use our in-house equipment to help make them a reality.

Laser Cutting

We utilitze 3000 watts or cutting edge Fiber Laser technology with CNC cutting tolerances as small as +/-.003", in order to provide the perfect balance of quality and flexibility for our laser cutting service.

CNC Press Brake

With 10 feet of available bending length coupled with 110+ tons-force, we can bend your production part or prototype efficiently and accurate.

Powder Coating

JB Laser's Powder Coating service improves the durability of your products. We keep items looking good while protecting them from corrosion, damage as well as UV porotection. We have over 20 years of combined Powder Coating experience – if you need it powdered we've got it covered.

Laser Marking

Our advanced laser marking technology enables us to make precise engravings for your logos, branding, information, instructions, etc.


Leveraging our manufacturing partners and 30+ years of sourcing solutions for customers. JB Laser can help you locate and acquire vital components, putting time and money in your pocket. We can save you money on CNC Milling/Turning, Welding, Programmable Controllers, Anodizing and much more. We could easily be your one stop shop.

More About JB Laser

Curious to learn more about our company’s background? We’ve built a base of loyal, long-standing customers since we opened more than 15 years ago. To find out more, go to our About JB Laser page.

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